Support HB 95: Stop SLAPP Suits in Pennsylvania!

Support HB 95: Stop SLAPP Suits in Pennsylvania!

Chief Sponsor, State Rep. Russ Diamond (Home Page)

Friday, September 25, 2020

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Campbell v. Wilmington Twp

An interesting Right to Know dispute with an agency that has threatened SLAPP litigation* on a Requester.

*This letter sent on behalf of a governmental entity constitutes First Amendment retaliation in that it threatens financial harm on a citizen if she does not promptly stop pursuing a First Amendment activity known as Noerr-Pennington petitioning of a court. Regardless of the actual merits of any legal claim all citizen petitioners are afforded presumptive immunity for the act of petitioning (unless that petitioning can be shown to be a'sham i.e. shown to be objectively and subjectively baseless). Here, it was the government itself (by and through its solicitor) that engaged in First Amendment retaliation.